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Visa Interview Preparation

Bluesky Education and Student Consultancy has been providing a complete visa interview preparation to their candidates either on its own premises or through Social Media and telephonic conversations. It is mandatory that the applicant has to be fully prepared until and unless the visa decision is made after the application is submitted to High Commission. High Commission will review your complete documentation and might schedule an appointment for the interview with appropriate embassy or consulate.


Once you receive the notification, it is advisable that you prepare yourself for the visa interview.

Every visa applicant has to furnish with mandatory steps before facing interviews including:
1.  Gathering original documents and bringing them to the visa interview
2.  Schedule and complete a medical examination with authorized physicians

We at Bluesky Education & Student Consultancy, prepares our clients with all of the questions and situations that student might face during the interview.They train you well in advance so that you can face the interview with confidence and with a positive approach.

Bluesky Education and Student consultancy train them to face the interview session with perfection by preparing them right from the beginning with MOCK INTERVIEWS repeatedly until and unless we feel our candidate is ready for it.

Visa interview lasts normally for 10-15 minutes so it is important to make most of this time
for your further study career. 

Bluesky education consultancy services understand that visa interviews can be stressful and thus our consultants prepare your thoroughly by conducting mock interviews & providing guidance through out the application process.


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