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Post departure services

New things, ways and surrounding always sounds like an adventure and find interesting but difficult to adapt and trust until we get to know about it. Most of the applicants find it difficult to adjust after they reach to their destined country.

Bluesky Education consultancy provides departure services to all our applicants so that they feel comfortable and adapt overseas. We have a strong network of alumni in various countries and this network is full of members willing to assist blue sky applicants with post departure services like finding accommodation for staying, providing an orientation of surrounding and new culture, providing information of after school hours part time jobs, airport pickups etc.

Such information helps our applicants to get a information of the new environment and place & the amenities that are available. We ensure that our applicants feel at home away from home. Our post departure services also include pick up from the airport and providing staying facility near educational institution area.

We even take personal care of our students and guide them what to do, where to go and whom to contact after reaching the University or College. Our career counselors will be in touch with them for 24 hours after the student reach the destination and will be there for any help before they are fully satisfied and settled.


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